When it comes to using drones for construction management, SkyWorx keeps it S.I.M.P.L.E.

  • Safety: Safely monitor areas that could potentially be hazardous for an employee to access. Utilizing a frequent inspection schedule can help to identify potential current and future safety hazards.

  • Inspections: Job site inspections are essential for maintaining a successful project. A well planned inspection schedule can save time and money.

  • Monitoring: Frequent job progression monitoring from the air can help to identify crucial decisions that need to be made to ensure production efficiency. Sometimes the one making these decisions can’t be on-site but, by having an eye in the sky, they can visually see what they need to make a more informed decision.

  • Progression: Progression tracking is a crucial part of the construction process, not only for the Project Manager but it can also be used to update customers. Using drone imagery can give a customer an overall view of the progression of a project.

  • Logging/Analyzing Data: SkyWorx uses several different deliverable data sets that can be useful for construction management. 2D orthomosaic maps give project managers a digital surface model of an area that can help with progression and give measurements. 3D maps give an orbital representation of an overall project from every angle.Volume monitoring can give an accurate estimate of a particular volume of material that is used onsite. (ie. Fill dirt, gravel, sand.)

  • Expense tracking: By using SkyWorx drone reporting for construction management on a frequent schedule you ultimately save money by keeping projects on track, tracking material, keeping employees safe, customers updated and by being to make crucial decisions with the most detailed information possible.

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